IELTS Speaking Topics

IELTS Speaking Topics is the IELTS portal for your preparation of the IELTS Speaking exam. This site was created by an IELTS teacher of 5 years.

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IELTS Speaking Topics

IELTS Speaking TopicsThe IELTS speaking topics are the areas covered by the questions that you will be asked during the IELTS speaking test. Knowing some of these topics holds a lot of advantages for you, and will help you to prepare in the right manner for the test.

These advantages include:

You will have an idea of what the questions that normally come out looks like, these is almost like seeing the real question itself, IELTS does not change their format, the have been following the same format for a long time, hence laying your hands on IELTS speaking topics like this can do a lot for you.

The IELTS speaking topics also have sample questions that you can practice with, you know how sample questions are important to IELTS tests, they are invaluable, and you can do all kinds of self studies with them to prepare yourself for the test.

Getting the IELTS speaking topics will also improve your skills at answering speaking test questions. The more of these questions you can answer the nearer you are to your success. And you will encounter many questions framed in different ways so that you can be exposed to all the ways the questions can be asked.

As your skills improve, you will discover that your confidence is improving too, this is very important, if you do not trust in yourself that you can pass the exam, it is possible you would not. You must first pass in your mind before you see it in the physical, but that is only possible if you develop a positive attitude through a good use of your IELTS speaking topics samples.

Looking at the English speaking test, the first part of the questions are usually personal questions that borders on your family and other personal details, the topics are usually very familiar and easy to answer. The major issue which the examiner is looking for is how you will answer them, which are how you will express yourself.

Some of these questions are listed below for you to see and practice with, they are real sample questions that you can use for preparations, and as part of hurdles that you must cross for you to record your success. Carefully go through them, answering them one by one, and make sure you are able to provide satisfactory details about each of them.

Since the questions are asking about personal information about you, you should not find them difficult to answer in all; all you must ensure is that you demonstrate enough confidence that will convince the examiner that you know what you are talking about. This is very important.

I cannot repeat this enough, give interesting details in your answers to these questions, how you answer will determine your scores, it is this that you can use to impress the examiner. Avoid giving direct ‘yes’, or ‘no’ answer as much as possible.

This is the more reason why you must practice how to say the answer well enough, you may not likely touch the direct answer that will come out in the exam, but you would have learn how to answer them the right way. This is what you need more than anything else as you use the IELTS speaking topics to prepare for the exam.


IELTS Speaking Topics Samples

Speaking topics about your family:

The following a re questions you can be asked about your family

Give a description of your family?

Is your family big or small in number?

Tell us about how you spend time with your family?

What are the things you enjoy doing with your family?

How is the family relationship with people in your country like?


IELTS speaking topics about your Work

The following are the questions the examiner can ask you about your work


What is your occupation?

What specific role do you perform in your place of work?

How many hours do you commit to your work daily?

How do you describe your work, enjoyable?

Do you think you can also do another type of work?

Supposing you have the opportunity of changing job, what would you rather choose, and why?

How can someone get a job in your country, what are the rules guiding it?

Give a description of your present organization?

What post are you holding there?

Tell those things that you like about your present job?

Tell those things that you do not like about your job, and that you rather prefer to be changed?


IELTS speaking topics about your educational background

The following are questions the examiner would ask about your education


Give a description of your educational background?

Describe the type of school you attended as a child

Was your school at elementary level co-educational or not?

When you were in school which subject did you find easy, and which was the most difficult?

Did you have a favorite teacher, describe the teacher?

What did you like about your school?

What can you say about your country’s educational system?

What courses or subjects you would prefer to be run in your country?


IELTS speaking topics about your hometown

The following are the questions the examiner can ask about your hometown


Give a description of your hometown?

Describe any special thing peculiar to it?

What are the things that will catch the attention of a first time visitor to your hometown?

What do you like about your hometown?

Describe how to travel to your hometown from the capital city of your country?

What are the challenges the people living in your hometown are facing?


IELTS speaking topics about Games

The following are the questions the examiner can ask you about games


What is you favorite game?

Why do you prefer this game above others?

Is there any thing children can learn from playing games?

What is the most popular games in your country?

Would you allow your child to be a professional in any game?

All of the above questions are likely questions on various topics that you can easily practice with; you would discover that they can cover any area of life, and they are based upon your own experience, and knowledge of them.

You could also find questions on studies, weather, wedding, computer, travel, holiday, politics, shopping, parenting, celebrities, smoking, hobby, friends, religion, etc.

You don’t have to experience all the questions available but just finding some numbers, and working on them would be enough to prepare you for the interview.

The more you do them, the more you are equipped. Sample IELTS questions like these have been the saving grace for many takers for years, and are still working for those who know the value.

The questions like these are usually found in the first part of the IELTS speaking test, and they should be easy for you to answer as they are all about you, and things that concern you.

Uses IELTS speaking topics wisely and you will enjoy the test, and even thank the examiner for the time after the conclusion.


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